Onomatopoeia Magazine Update

If you've been here before you will notice that things are changing around here. We're going to relaunch in January 2011 with a more frequent publishing schedule. In the meantime, click HERE to submit your work.

Onomatopoeia Magazine SUMMER 2010 Issue

Click HERE to view and download the SUMMER 2010 issue. Courtesy of issuu.com


The Things We Keep by Liane Kupferberg Carter
Young Man with a Moustache by Jeffery Ryan Long 
Scent on a Mission by Margaret Eaton
Darkness and Storm by Barrie Darke 
Dwight Goes to Rehab by Michael Frissore

1001/1011 by Thomas Reed
Death Before Factory by Anthony Liccione
Black Seed by Black Seed by Donal Mahoney
Caseworker Takes Notes by Donal Mahoney

Straight From an Agent - Nathan Bransford, literary agent/author/blogger interviewed by Bobby D. Lux
All the Pretty Horses Photo by Christopher Woods 
The Fortune Teller Is On A Break Photo by Christopher Woods
Solve the Equation Art by Todd R. Behrendt

     I'll be honest, a part of me feared that Onomatopoeia would be a one-and-done project. Fortunately, I had a bit of luck and good fortune on my side. The SPRING issue found a bit of an audience and I received far more submissions (good ones too!) for the SUMMER issue than expected, so now I have to keep this going because the FALL 2010 issue is already being constructed... at least until a large multi-national media conglomerate comes knocking with their million dollar offer for the website.
    In actual Onomatopoeia news, Jara Jones has graciously come on board as the Poetry Editor and will begin working on the FALL 2010 issue. I will make one promise that we will have a podcast up and running before the next issue. I will also promise that I will do my best to figure out how to make Onomatopoeia available as a free e-book for you kids with your fancy Kindles and stuff.
     That's it for now. See you in September.

     Bobby D. Lux
     Onomatopoeia Magazine